We collect leads on our website: information resource

    In past articles, we wrote about how to properly organize the process of subscribing and unsubscribing to your email newsletter.

    We at UniSender (email newsletter service) assume that the goal of your site is to be as convenient and welcoming as possible for the user, and at the same time to make a profit. Therefore, our today's post is about how to organize the collection of leads on your site and make it more effective.

    Depending on the direction of the resource:

    1. Information resource
    2. Selling resource
    3. Resource accompanying your project
    4. All options or a combination of any two of the above

    you may need:

    1. optimization of lead collection - increasing the conversion of attendance to leads (i.e., registration or subscription); optimization of the registration process itself.
    2. optimization of the sales funnel - reducing the time from contact with the client to the purchase.
    3. automatic mailing chains - pre-designed letters that the client receives at a certain interval, starting from the day of registration. It is usually encrypted in the format x, x + 1, x + 7, x + 14. Where x = date of registration.

    Immediately make a reservation that both of the above lists can be supplemented and expanded, which means that they are not finite. However, we will start small, and we will reveal some of the concepts in future posts. Let's take a look in order - and start by optimizing the collection of leads for information resources.

    Information resource

    Your goal is to provide information, stimulate communication. Who you are:

    1. Blogger
    2. News Edition
    3. Social network
    4. Software maker
    5. Event organizer
    6. Training Center
    7. Scientific resource
    8. Other (like any list, we leave it open)

    Lead collection optimization for you:

    1. Place on the main clearly readable banner with a proposal to receive a digest or a selection of news on a given topic and with a given regularity.
    2. Cash prize for comment? Any harmless game, the so-called elements of "gamification" (gamification) can be used to expand your audience, stimulate communication on your resource.
    3. You can try to enter registration in order to read your articles further, as gantthead.com does.
    4. You can enter the registration, which is required to leave comments. You can enter the registration required to download whitepapers & datasheets - information brochures and newsletters.
    5. However, points 4-6 do not mean at all that the client will agree to receive the newsletter from you - you can only offer him to put a check in the corresponding box. I would like, but should not, check the box in advance for the client - it’s better to write more clearly about the benefits that the client will receive by subscribing to the newsletter.
    6. Offer to subscribe to the automatic newsletter of an interesting course, for example, “100 Secrets of Marketing” or “50 Ways to Save Data”. We found an interesting example of such an offer on emailslab.ru
    7. Create a download material that would interest customers - a review, infographic, report on industry or industry. Offer it for free in exchange for downloading, as hubspot.com regularly offers to marketers, for example. This will allow you to constantly update your lead database and keep it up to date.
    8. If you represent a training center and do newsletters for your students or former seminar participants, use the newsletter only as an invitation to future events and stimulate communication in the community of your students.

    Optimization of the sales funnel:

    From this point of view, the sales funnel will work for you in a completely different direction, since most likely you will live through advertising. So, you will sell not to your subscribers, but to advertisers. This is a separate topic that goes beyond the scope of the post.

    Automatic mailing chains:

    1. Email Confirmation Letter
    2. Welcome registration confirmation email
    3. The digest depending on what you suggested during registration.

    Check the statistics of sent mailings every week: what is the reaction of users? What is the behavior of subscribers? If you lose users, review content and feed.

    Good advice you will need in any case: test.

    Register several times several accounts on your own resource - make sure that registration is quick and smooth. Repeat the procedure once a week. You can use 1 Google mailbox - each time you register, put a random dot in the address, for example: unisender@gmail.com, u.nisender@gmail.com, un.isender@gmail.com Your system will register a new user each time, and for Google there will be no difference - he does not pay attention to the points.

    Next week we will continue to talk about optimizing the collection of leads, and this time we will touch on this topic for selling resources. You can start asking questions now, the answers to which you would like to see in the next post.

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