"The bullet hit the wires ..."

    Not knowing what to do, I decided to pour a portion of my emotions on Habr. Earlier , a note slipped here about the situation with communications in Tajikistan. If in other countries (as far as I know) the blocking of the Internet resource is the result of a decision of the judiciary, then everything is decided by the sweeping signature of our “esteemed” Minister of Communications.
    In addition to the regular blocking of some sites, our Run Zukhurov does not cease to amaze with “killer stories” and the stupidest phrases that he comes up with on the go.
    I apologize for publishing in the profile hub, as karma does not allow in another.

    Firstly, I will explain that his stupid phrases and tricks of this week are connected with the latest events in Tajikistan. (As a result of recent events, a special operation is underway in Tajikistan (GBAO) to eliminate the bandit group). On the first day of the events, by order of our Minister of Communications, the website of the Asia Plus news agency was blocked. This site covers and gives an independent assessment of the current events in Tajikistan. After a couple of days, the site was unblocked, again on his orders. Today (July 26), by his order, the YouTube video service was blocked, because there was a video posted with a recording of a peaceful demonstration, "where local residents opposed the introduction of additional armed forces in the city of Khorog on July 23".
    But the most important feature of my post is a couple of the stupidest phrases expressed by Run Zukhurov. I quote a literal quote from our information source:

    “The lack of telephone communication with the city of Khorog and the neighboring regions of GBAO has purely technical reasons,” said the head of the Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan, Beg Zukhurov.

    “During the events known in Khorog, the bullet hit the wires, as they (wires) pass through the air there,” he explained.

    B. Zukhurov assures that there were no instructions from above regarding the disconnection of communications in Khorog. “Nobody can tell us, there are purely technical problems,” he said.

    When asked why some government officials can be reached freely , Zukhurov replied that they (government officials)expensive phones .

    “Some of our officials love their wives very much and bought expensive phones to keep in touch with them, and therefore you can reach them,” he said.
    What do you think of all this?

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