Real-time 3D visualization for architecture and industrial design

    The three-dimensional visualization industry is getting close to the moment when the finished result can be obtained in real time without spending valuable minutes / hours / days on rendering the scene.

    Visualization becomes simpler, more intuitive, it no longer requires long-term fine-tuning of a huge number of parameters. It is enough to add three-dimensional objects to the scene, assign them the necessary materials and immediately get an excellent result.

    A clear example of all of the above is a product called Lumion, developed by Act-3D.

    It cannot be said that this is a trend only recently, but right now consumer computing power has come to the threshold beyond which simple rendering is obtained, if not instantly, then in a matter of seconds.

    There are a lot of tools, they all use different approaches to visualization and different technologies. Apparently soon we will be able to see a desperate struggle for the hearts of users in this new area of ​​creating digital content.

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