How to get an invite to Dribbble with a 100% guarantee


Recently, I have been very often asked for an invite (invitation) to Dribbble. I want to tell Habrahabr readers who are interested in web design about how to get an invitation to this popular service among designers with an almost 100% guarantee. I want to note right away that this article is suitable for designers with only a good portfolio; designers with poor work, this article does not help.

To begin with, for those who are not in the topic, I would like to talk about what Dribbble is and why everyone needs invitations to this site.

Dribbble is a global social network for designers. By the principle of operation, Dribbble is very similar to Twitter, only instead of text messages with a length of 140 characters, users post pictures of 400 * 300 pixels in size. Like Twitter, Dribbble has become very popular in a short time among designers. The whole situation is heating up because you can get there by invitation, which is not as many as we would like.

In order to get to Dribbble, you need to invite from a person who is already registered on the site. On average, one person has 2 invitations. Invitations are given when a designer buys a pro account for a year, so the number of invitations is limited.

In order to get the coveted invite, you need to follow 4 simple steps.

  • 1. Register on the site
  • 2. Find a suitable shot
  • 3. Fulfill the declared conditions
  • 4. Write a confirmation letter

1. Register on the site

In order to get invite, you must be registered on the site as prospect, that is, you get the opportunity to leave likes, but you are not allowed to post work.


I recommend that when registering, fill out all the information about yourself, because no one likes to communicate with faceless bots and even more so to help them.


2. Find a suitable shot

Shot is the work that you post on the site.

Next, you need to find a suitable shot, for this you will need to enter in the search “Dribbble Invite Giveaway”.


Next, change the tab from popular to latest. On this page you can see the latest works of all designers who give out invitations.


I recommend responding to a large number of works, so as not to wait a long time until someone gives an invite.

3. Fulfill the declared conditions

Before giving you an invitation, designers are usually asked to fulfill different conditions.


4. Write a confirmation letter

After you fulfill all the conditions, I advise you to write a confirmation letter to the designer so that all the work is not in vain.


Additional recommendations

It’s good practice to take a thank you shot for the designer who will give you an invite. The first shot must be cool. If other users will appreciate it, this will give you the opportunity to quickly start on this site.


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