Heads-up Display parsing from Recon Instruments MOD Live ski mask. Trying to fix ...

    Dear ladies and gentlemen, do not repeat this method of analyzing the heads-up display, since after that, with a high probability, there will only be an Android device without the ability to display information.
    I did not find a single article about the analysis, before I began to disassemble it, but it's a pity! I will try to fix this defect.

    For brave and curious photos of the opening of the display, as well as more than a dozen images of the insides of the microdisplay under the cut ...

    My acquaintance with the Heads-up Display technology began not with glasses from the search giant, but with a ski mask with a MOD Live display from Recon Instrument. It was a great present from a friend for thirty years! It is a pity that I managed to break the display on the first trip to the mountains in this mask.

    I will not paint marketing nonsense and evidence about the Heads-up Display of its convenience and innovation ... You can find it all on the manufacturer's website and stores selling gadgets. Next you are waiting for a photo of the opened display and only hardcore ...

    The reason for the breakdown is banal - I tried to adjust the viewing angle of the display in the mask on the slope without disassembling it. Owners of MOD Live and possibly Snow2, be careful !!! The protective metal ring supporting the display hinge has slipped. The hinge fell into two parts and, continuing to rotate the display by inertia, I broke the cable.

    It was a shame, but in Russia Recon Instruments service centers could not be found. In none of the repairman forums did anyone respond to the announcement. It remained to independently try to somehow replace the loop.

    The analysis of the main part of the device case is very simple, you only need a small screwdriver with hexagonal nozzles. Once I bought such a screwdriver and successfully repaired the audio plug in my first Asus P535 smartphone, and this time the screwdriver came in handy.

    Actually, on the MOD Live photo from the article, the hinge is indicated, it is also the very place where I managed to break the cable.

    The display, when it was still working ...

    The MOD Live printed circuit board is a two-way installation of elements, shielded and waterproof enclosures over the processor, memory and binding.
    Outside the barometer sensor:

    Connectors for display and diagnostic connector (to the right of the casing):

    By the way, can someone recognize the white display connector on the board and where can the same connector for smd installation be found in Moscow? I would be grateful for the information!

    Torn display cable hiding on one side in the case:

    And now the most difficult to parse is the non-separable display case:

    No latches, rubber bands, seals or anything else. Just factory-molded case made of ABS plastic.
    A heated scalpel comes into play:

    Prism with a lens:

    LED matrix with backlight module assembly:

    Only backlight module:

    Goodbye LED matrix and cable:

    I have the result of the analysis - EPIC FAIL !!!

    I wish everyone good luck, I hope the photo will help someone refuse to disassemble the microdisplay, and someone will make their device from a prism, a watering hose, an android watch display, a spectacle frame and a blue electrical tape ;-)

    Why do you think so simple Micro Optics Display design looks like the market is not filled with similar devices yet?

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