Photo album

    The same thing happened and my hands reached the parental photo album. There are at least 1,000 photographs in it. At one time, my parent had such a camera: a

    wonderful thing and with the right skill, it can produce results even now almost no worse than ordinary digital cameras. But its huge minus is that it takes analog photographs, and such photographs tend to turn yellow, decay, and deteriorate in every way. And therefore, if you want to keep an archive of photographs - you need to digitize them, or, of course, store them like antiques and avoid different playful little hands.

    Scanning this, of course, is a long and very important business in the process of digitizing images. And then what to do?

    Well, the most obvious solution is Picasa. And also?Not a remote service, but a personal application, and even OpenSource ?

    Ostora.Photo is a web application. Written in php + mysql. At the heart of Ostora.Photo is the file manager of the same name - Ostora. From the file manager left interface, user rights management, "tricky" deletion of files and quotas. For my purposes, these are really important features. And, for example, storing file versions is not necessary here, therefore it is removed. You can only upload graphic file formats (formats can be added to config.ini). A single click will open the photo in the jquery plugin ( ? ) FancyBox. Photos can be scrolled with the buttons "left", "right" on the keyboard, scroll the mouse or buttons on the panel.

    What more photo album is needed? For me, these are tags, notes, favorites and the ability to mark people and objects in photographs.

    By the way, it so happened by chance that you can immediately select several tags or tagged people. For example: the tag “Sea” and the marked “Ksyusha” and “Pasha” - will show Ksyusha and Pasha together at sea.
    You can reset the sort by clicking the button or a cross at the unnecessary words in the sort.

    By the way, “tricky” deletion is the ability to mark an image as deleted, and only a user with administrator rights can permanently delete it. This is such a way to protect important files from accidental rash actions of users.


    Installing and setting up the application is not much different from FM Ostora ( ).


    rgb = 0xFFFFFF // fill color for preview
    quality = 100 // compression quality preview
    maxUploadSize = “20 MB” // maximum size of the downloaded file
    pre_width = 210 // width of the generated preview
    pre_height = 170 // height of preview being created
    file_types = "* .jpg; * .gif; * .bmp; * .png" // file formats for downloading
    file_upload_limit = "100" // how many files can be loaded at one time

    adapter = "mysql "
    Host =" localhost "
    username =" "
    password =" "
    dbname =" "

    login / password:

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