How Google Search is Changing

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Rinat Safin, Head of the Moscow Search Quality Team The

world around us is constantly changing. The amount of information available to humanity is growing, and users every day expect more from computers. While working on a Google search, we try so that they can find everything that they didn’t even think of looking for yesterday.

In order to improve the quality of search, we conduct more than 50 thousand experiments annually and launch more than 500 changes to search algorithms. Some of them are changes in the interface that can be easily noticed. And many simply influence the order of the results so that the link to the page that contains the information you need is the first and you find what you need as quickly as possible. We have a whole search quality team. Each change is thoroughly tested and discussed. If you want, you can even look at how such discussions are held .

In the first 120 days of 2012, we made more than 150 additions to our search algorithms! I will talk about some of them, which, in my opinion, are the most important for the Russian-language search.

In February of this year, we made our search more local . Now, for example, residents of Kazan will receive in the search results more information from their city when they look for an institution located nearby. If we are talking about ordering a taxi, then it will be a taxi in Kazan.

Much attention is paid to the fight against search spam . Over the past year, several algorithms have been launched and improved (such as Panda and Penguin) aimed at combating low-quality sites in search results. We also noticed that users are very annoyed when they can’t find information on the page due to the abundance of advertising, which is sometimes just a crowded site. Pages on which the user sees only ads on the first screen and does not see useful content, the new algorithm removes from the top positions in the search results.

It is no secret that some websites borrow materials from others completely. We have launched a number of changes that give preference in the search results to those sites that host original materials.

Many users need to learn something and get quick access to information while they are on the road or in a meeting. For smartphones and tablets, which are increasingly used in such cases, we have special applications that make mobile search much more convenient. You can, for example, just say your request, instead of typing it. For iOS, there is a Google Search App , and for Android, Google Search . We are constantly improving them and releasing new versions.

It is important for us that users are confident in the safety of information about their search queries. Recently, for those who have logged in to their account, Google Search works via SSLand fully encrypts data transmitted between the user's computer and Google’s servers.

And these are just a few of the changes that have recently occurred with our search. In our work, we try to take into account the opinions and feedback of users. If you have any suggestions or suggestions on how to improve our search, write to us about this on our Google+ page . We will definitely figure out how to make it more convenient for you to use our products.

Every week we launch new search improvements. We will continue to talk about interesting changes in our blog. Follow the news!

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