Runet Today, May 28, 2012. Experts of the issue: Maria Chernitskaya, Alexey Andreev

    At Finam FM studio - Maria Chernitskaya, CEO of iConText, a contextual advertising agency; Alexey Andreev, editor-in-chief of the Letidor magazine, ex-editor-in-chief of the Webplanet project. Together with the host, Maxim Spiridonov, they talk about the appointment of the new head of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, about new opportunities for users of YouTube video hosting in Russia, about the emergence of a very large foreign player on the domestic e-commerce market, as well as about the events that followed the launch of the social network Facebook .

    1. On May 21, the composition of the new government of the Russian Federation was announced. The post of Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications was taken by twenty-nine-year-old Nikolai Nikiforov.

    - What will be the first steps of the new head of the relevant ministry?
    - Assessing the level of development of electronic public services in Tatarstan?

    2. The YouTube video hosting affiliate program is now available in Russia not only for legal entities, but also for individuals.

    - How will this affect the development of video in RuNet?
    - Comment: Yuri Khazanov, Google Partner Program Manager for Russia and the CIS.

    3. The online store AliExpress, which is a division of the Alibaba group of companies, and the payment service QIWI announced the beginning of cooperation.

    - How will the RuNet landscape change after the appearance of the Chinese giant on the domestic market?
    - Comment: Maxim Popov, Managing Director of QIWI Wallet.

    4. The value of the shares of the social network Facebook for the second and third day of trading on the NASDAQ exchange fell by 19% relative to the offering price and amounted to 31 dollars per share.

    - What is the reason for the fall in the price of Facebook shares?
    - What are the prospects for an IPO of high-tech companies?

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