Do not be afraid that you do not know - be afraid that you are not studying!

    After the DevStory Zhi-Shi was published on Habré, we received a lot of constructive (and not so) criticism. Many problems have been fixed, and the design has been redesigned. Now we want to help all students and schoolchildren pass exams, tests and coursework using our Zhi-Shi application. It has already received a lot of positive feedback and therefore we think that we are moving in the right direction.

    How many of us have ever thought about how to spell a word? “O” or “A”? two “H” or one? “How is it spelled?” In such cases, we most often open the dictionary and search for a suitable word for a long time, sometimes sorting through several options - this is if the dictionary is electronic. Specially trained people - journalists, linguists and philologists (and they are also not always sure how to do it right) write different versions of the word and by eye already figure out the “true”, from memory ...
    21 century in the yard! The dictionary is, of course, good. But for a long time. And you can not make a mistake in writing the right word. But how not to make a mistake if you do not know how to write it? A vicious circle to break which helps the application "Zhi-Shi."

    The main concept of the application is a quick search for the most similar words. In order to find the right word, it is not at all necessary to write it correctly.

    “Zhi-Shi” not only tells you the correct spelling, but also picks up the words with the condition of two or three typos or mistakes made during writing.

    The application interface is very convenient - you just need to enter the desired word in the input line, and the application will find all similar words and you only need to select.

    The Zhi-Shi application is intended for those who need to write correctly even the most difficult word. And it is intended to help those users who, far from large dictionaries, want to write a competent text: for a blog, report or presentation, for journalistic reporting, competent business writing. Undoubtedly, this application will also be useful to students and schoolchildren to quickly and easily check the spelling of any word: in an essay, essay or term paper. This application is just a dream for dictation writers, expositions and crucial tests for schoolchildren.
    Behind the simple interface of the program is the logic of high-speed word search. Starting with the 4th letter of the word “Zhi-Shi” you enter, in the background it searches for words with full coincidence or one or two changes. This leads to the fastest possible result.

    The application contains 355742 unique words that do not require an internet connection to search. The meaning of the word can be found in the built-in explanatory dictionary, which is also not tied to the Internet.

    In addition to the dictionary, “Zhi-Shi” includes the rules of the modern Russian language, which may be useful for someone who is preparing for exams or doubts about the correct punctuation.

    The application also has the ability to connect online to four dictionaries online resources: Wiktionary, Wikipedia, Yandex and Google.

    This is very functional, because instantly from the application you can go to the Internet browser and read the detailed definition of the word found.

    The Zhi-Shi application will be useful to everyone who often uses complex words, but does not always know how exactly they are written, or does not know the meaning of these words. In "Zhi-Shi" in a few moments you will receive answers to all your questions.
    The app is universal for iPhone and iPad.
    It also has an English counterpart: “iSpellIt” with speech recognition!

    Link to the Zhi-Shi app in the AppStore.
    Link to the iSpellIt app in the AppStore. Project
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