Welcome to SphinxSearch-meetup SuperJob

    On February 28, a developer meeting will be held in the SuperJob office dedicated to the Sphinx full-text search system .

    Avito and SuperJob experts will share their experience using technology. Meeting participants will be able to ask their questions to Sphinx author Andrei Aksyonov. Traditionally, the program burgers and informal communication.

    Date and time : February 28 from 19:00 to 21:30
    Address : Moscow, Malaya Dmitrovka, Building 20
    Registration : superjob-meetup.timepad.ru/event/894409


    They will share their experience with:

    Alexey Sladkov , Lead Developer of SuperJob, with the theme “How we switched to RT-indices in the search for Superjob.ru”.

    “In the report I will talk in detail about how we came from regular rebuilding of indexes for full-text search and sending updates in code“ in place ”to RealTime indexes and automatic synchronization of the state of the index and the MariaDB database.

    We managed to solve this with the help of RT indexes SphinxSearch and a self-written service on Golang, which reads updates using the replication protocol, prepares data and sends changes.

    Consider the insides of the synchronization service:

    • algorithm for accumulating and merging changes from several tables;
    • procedure for rebuilding the index and in what cases it is carried out.

    We will also discuss the organization of the search infrastructure, which ensures high availability of the search service.

    In addition, we will see that not only business, but also developers with testers won from instantly hitting a document in the search. ”

    Andrei Aksyonov , author of Sphinx and head of the development team at Avito, with the theme “About Sphinx and ML-ranking”.

    “I’ll review what kind of tasks related to the search are solved today in Avito that the Sphinx can potentially useful in terms of winning ML and how exactly we actually live with it for some reason.”

    Admission is free , but for sure you have enough space please register .

    On the day of the event, please do not forget to bring your passport or driver's license. This is necessary for access to our business center.

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