Closing the Google Maps Flash API

    imageOn May 15, 2008, the first post on the announcement of the Google Maps API for Flash appeared on Habr . As it turned out, after 4 years, May 19, 2012, the Corporation announced the cessation of work in this direction. New keys for the Google Maps Flash API will no longer be issued .

    It seems that Google is driving another carnation into the not yet closed lid of the Adobe Flash coffin.

    PSA more correct epithet would be that Google, “not very agile” turning in the direction of sociality, trampled a little more on the already not so large sphere of influence of Adobe. Flash can still be confident in its future for at least three years, but at the same time it becomes more limited and specific tool: broadcasting, broadcasting from the camera, DRM protected content, browser-based p2p with multicasting and a number of popular technologies are available to us only at www through the brainchild of Adobe, while a replacement is being prepared for all of them, but it has not even yet (for the most part) seen the light of day.

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