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    Good afternoon, Habrauser! Do you know that good automation systems are needed to make life easier for users? For example, speed up the process or improve the interaction between participants in a process.

    Our SmartNut (SaaS Service Desk system for supporting customers of IT companies) is a good automation system that simplifies life. At least we are doing everything to ensure that it is such. We already wrote to Habr that we taught SmartNut to automatically sort emails from the technical support box and register tickets based on this. And the other day, a full-fledged personal account of the client, accessible via the web, finally appeared in SmartNut.

    In short: now you can provide your customers ’contact persons with access to a web-cabinet where they can submit new applications, watch old ones and correspond in comments with engineers and employees of your company.

    If in detail - under a habrakat.

    So, you provide IT services to customers (subscription services to computers, hosting, internet and other 1C). Therefore, your customers periodically send you service requests or report incidents / malfunctions. Previously, in SmartNut, applications could be registered, distributed to engineers and monitored. Now you can generate a password for access to your personal account by e-mail of the customer’s contact, in order to attach it to the application processing process and provide complete and up-to-date service information:

    In this case, customer contact persons can have different levels of access. Regular contact persons see in their personal account a list of only their applications. Key - a list of all applications of the company.

    In addition to viewing applications, customer contacts can create new ones (by attaching files to them, for example, screenshots):

    Also, customer contacts and technical support staff can correspond in the comments. At the same time, engineers, when writing a comment, can indicate whether to display this comment to the client in a personal account, or not (in the case of official correspondence on the application, for example). Information about such comments will immediately go to the contact person by email:

    If you are responsible for customer service in the company, go to the site and join SmartNut. For beginners small (up to 4 employees inclusive) businesses - for free.

    If you have an idle interest in “looking” at the system, welcome to the details below.

    Login: habrauser
    Password: habratest

    This is access to the test company's account, there is no real data there, but you can "click" the buttons. Access with admin rights. We hope for the prudence of the habrausers, but still we ask you not to change the test password (and this already happened), so that everyone can see.

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