Startup for adults

    Startup Factory Glavstart will help adult startups refine their model.

    Often outside the “official programs”, adult start-ups with already launched services turn to Glavstart so that we can help them twist the model and make the pivot in the right direction.

    For one reason or another, with an already launched project it is not always appropriate and I want to go through Startup Weekend, where most projects are at the stage of a bare idea.

    Especially for already launched services that need a conceptual coup to conquer the world, this spring we are conducting a special accelerator program “Startup for Adults”.

    • Together with the authors of the projects, we will revise the development path of the project, understand how to better interact with the audience, how to turn users into customers and how to start making money.
    • After checking the new model, Glavstart will help several projects with money, resources and connections to bring the new model to life.
    • Upon completion of the Startup for Adults program, graduate projects will present their modified products and business models to a selected pool of investors of different stages.

    Applications are accepted until April 25th .

    To participate in the program, you must answer the questionnaire , have a working web service, a ready-made team and a desire to conquer the world.

    By the way, recently one of Glavstart’s projects, Sea of ​​Salons, attracted investments from KupiKupon. Glavstart invested “Sea of ​​Salons” a year ago, when the project already had a working service and the first customers:
    “There were. But precisely because they simply were, and did not give us something tangible, we came to Morenis. “We didn’t come for money, but for Moreinis,says Yuri Petrov , one of the founders of the Sea of ​​Salon service. -We already had a realized product. Yes, the three of us filled him, I designed and made it myself, he was dull. But he was not just an idea. Arkady gave us a lot. Now I’m sure that we have one of the most powerful expertises in the world market. ”

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