Excursion to the regional offices of Kaspersky Lab

    Today we dare to entertain you with a simple little thing about our foreign offices. Where our multinational and numerous colleagues, united by a common cause, do not work ...

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    North America
    Office Opening - 2005
    Location - Woburn (Boston)

    Kaspersky Lab North America (NAM) includes two regional offices and is responsible for two countries at once: the USA and Canada.

    imageThe North American office speaks many languages. Since the region includes both North and South America, the office has many native speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. There are several French-speaking employees who help our Canadian consumers from the province of Quebec, and here you can also hear Russian, Polish and Ukrainian speech. New people from different regions are always recruited to the North American team, so here you can find a real inflorescence of different cultures.

    Recently, the Boston office has grown in size due to a significant increase in staff (after all, the number of employees has grown 5 times since opening!). At the moment, Kaspersky Lab employees have at their disposal a cafeteria, a gym (fully equipped with modern equipment and even including a yoga room), several restaurants are located nearby, and a hotel is right across the road. In September 2010, another regional office was opened in Seattle, Washington. This office is small, it housed our team in the field of anti-virus development.

    An excursion to the office from the Kaspersky video blog

    Office in Woburn offers employees many pleasant bonuses, in particular, free coffee, tea, soda and juices, and even fresh bagels on Fridays! Free lunches are arranged from time to time, culinary competitions with prizes are held among colleagues, and during the launch of new products everyone pours champagne. But here they not only know how to have fun well - they also work very hard and hard.
    A few days before Christmas, all departments participate in a traditional American event - Yankee Swap (swap means "gift exchange"). Everyone brings their gifts to work, and then during the game they exchange presents with each other.

    Office employees are given the opportunity to participate in social life. More recently, an event took place during which volunteers at their lunch time made greeting cards for Valentine's Day for fellow citizens of old age. The party dedicated to this event was undoubtedly a success: there was a lot of music, pizza, and everyone was very pleased!

    DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
    Opening of the office - 2003
    Location - Ingolstadt

    imageKaspersky's regional office in the DACH region is located in the center of the German state of Bavaria, the city of Ingolstadt. This is a very picturesque and lively city, which is undoubtedly worth visiting in itself. Ingolstadt also houses the headquarters of renowned German companies such as Audi, Cassidian Air Systems, MediaMarkt and Saturn. The city, with a population of just over 124 thousand people, is part of Greater Munich, in which more than 5 million people live.

    One of the most famous images of the "mad scientist" in the world literature, Dr. Frankenstein, "came into the world" in Ingolstadt. It was here that in 1818 Mary Shelley published the famous novel Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus.

    The average age of Kaspersky team employees in the DACH region is 34 years. The office also has the first employee who retired (probably this is one of the first pensioners in such a “young” business as the IT industry!) Each of the office employees receives a food ticket every day, with which you can pay for a business lunch in a nearby restaurant. The cost of a regular lunch is € 3.10.
    Kl germany

    Much more to spend on food with the arrival of the annual Oktoberfest! One of the most popular events in office life is the annual press tour of the festival. The first such press tour took place in 2004, since then, Kaspersky’s European PR team has been inviting journalists from all over the world to come to Munich Oktoberfest every year. Last year, 35 journalists from all over Europe visited the press tour, 5 presentations were held with 6 speakers, 26 interviews were held, and in addition, the event participants ate 50 gingerbread muffins, 45 servings of game and 165 liters of wonderful Bavarian beer were drunk.

    Office Opening - 2004
    Location - Paris

    imageInitially, the staff was only 4 people. Currently, Kaspersky Lab in France has 67 employees. The French team is considering further expansion: it is possible that in 2012 the number of employees will increase to 70 people.

    The company's office is located quite far from the historical center of Paris. However, a trip from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the office takes only 40 minutes.

    The French office is part of the Developed Markets segment, which also includes most countries in Western Europe and North America.

    The Kaspersky Lab France team is very diverse. Employees represent all areas of the LC business, including sales and marketing, GReAT and R&D, finance and administration, user support and, of course, the IT division.

    Now the office is optimizing the workspace: soon it should become an even more pleasant place to work and meet guests.

    Office opening - 2010
    Location - Markham Ontario The

    Canadian headquarters of Kaspersky Lab are located in the small town of Markham Ontario, which is actually a satellite city of the largest metropolitan area in Canada Toronto.

    Currently, the Canadian B&B team consists of eight people, some of which are engaged in sales, and some are technical staff. The team develops relations with consumers from the sphere of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. An important part of the work is establishing contacts with distributors.

    Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of territory, it occupies 6 time zones at once. Therefore, our Canadian colleagues can’t do without work in the regions: representatives of the sales team of LK work in Vancouver, Toronto and Quebec - the three largest megacities of the country.

    Currently, Kaspersky products are the second largest retailer in Canada - a truly impressive achievement, which was achieved in less than 3 years!

    The Canadian team carries out more than 5,300 business transactions in corporate sales per year. 500 of our clients from the small and medium-sized business sector account for 65% of all sales, 35% account for large corporations and enterprises.

    As you know, in Canada there are two official languages ​​- English and French. The first French-speaking sales representative was hired by the company in February 2010, and this helped to significantly increase our business in the French-speaking province of Quebec.
    And finally: Canadians are passionate fans of hockey, and the national hockey team invariably ranks first in all world championships. There is nothing surprising in the fact that hockey is the favorite sport of all the employees of the Canadian office of LK!

    Baltic States
    Office opening - October 13, 2010
    Location - Riga

    The regional office of Kaspersky Lab in the Baltic countries, which includes Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, was officially opened in the Latvian capital Riga a little over a year ago - on October 13, 2010. The Baltic office is the 27th regional office opened by the company in the world.

    Andis Steinmanis, managing director of the Baltic office, the “universal soldier”, as he calls himself, was hired by Kaspersky Lab on July 15, 2010. Andis represents the company in the region and combines with the leadership the functions of marketing and supporting relations with partners.image

    The Riga office of the company is located on the left bank of the Daugava River, which divides the Latvian capital into two parts. The left bank is a rapidly developing part of the city. Among the advantages of the district are less dense car traffic, free parking, proximity to the airport and the city center. The office building in which the Baltic representative office of LC is located was recently erected by a German construction company and “saturated” with the German desire for cleanliness and order. For this reason, the Baltic Office is committed to recycling and sorting waste.

    The decision to open an office in Riga was made not by chance. The Latvian capital is located exactly in the middle of the Baltic region: from here 300 km in a straight line to both Vilnius and Tallinn. Such a geographical location helps to seriously save time traveling around the region.

    Opening of the office - June 2008
    Location - Pozuelo de Alarcon (a suburb of Madrid) / Lisbon / Bilbao

    Kaspersky Lab Iberia (KLI) - the regional office of Kaspersky Lab, developing the company’s business in two countries - Spain and Portugal - was organized not so long ago, in June 2008.

    At the time of creation, the company had 8 employees, today their number has increased to 35 people, of which 6 people are the management team. Interesting fact: all six were born in 1974! Another notable feature of the KLI office is the youth of its employees. The average age of the staff is 33 years, the youngest is 23 years old, the oldest is 44. The

    Spanish office of the company is based in the large office building of the La Ciudad de la Imagen business complex (La Ciudad de la Imagen - “Cities of Images”), in which manufacturers of audiovisual and information products, for example, the archive of the Spanish State Film Library, the central offices of the Telemadrid and La Sexta television channels, and a number of filmmakers are located.

    La Ciudad de la Imagen is located in the historic suburb of Pozuelo de Alarcon, in the south-west of Madrid. Its name indicates that in the Middle Ages in this village there were many wells and springs (pozo in Spanish means "well"). Alarcon is the surname of a wealthy family who, in time immemorial, established their protectorate over this suburb. Employees living in central Madrid typically reach the office in the morning 30–45 minutes. Remoteness from the city avoids traffic jams (and they are common in the Spanish capital), and also gives a chance to enjoy fresh air away from city smog.

    In addition to its office in Madrid, Kaspersky Lab Iberia also has two small regional offices - one in Lisbon (Portugal), the other in Bilbao (autonomous Basque Country region). There are three employees in the Portuguese office, and only one in the Basque office. The Portuguese KLI office was opened in February this year, Eugene Kaspersky came to the opening ceremony.

    The Iberian office is international: in addition to the Spaniards and the Portuguese, the Russian employee Irina Platitsina works here, the staff also has a person from Mozambique. The communication language is Spanish, in addition, everyone speaks good English.

    Last summer, the office was expanded due to the increase in staff. Moreover, the expansion was made in the most efficient and fastest way. “We just demolished the wall that separated the office from the new vacant premises, and organized new jobs for one month!” - says the financial and administrative director of KLI Sergio Ruiz.

    Perhaps the busiest place in the office is the corporate kitchen. In a small room there is a coffee machine (the Spaniards cannot live without coffee!), Shelves for food, a sofa and a dart board.

    One of the main corporate events is held in the office shortly before Christmas. “Movie Day with Kaspersky” is already a tradition for the Iberian “Familia Kaspersky”. All team members get together with business partners, clients, relatives and friends and enjoy watching movies, of course, with the same popcorn and drinks.

    Office opening - 2001
    Location - Czestochowa

    Kaspersky Lab products appeared on the Polish market in 1995 (then they were called Antiviral Toolkit Pro, or AVP). Since 2001, the company has been operating in the Polish market under the name Kaspersky Lab Poland.

    imageThe main office of the company is located in a separate building in the city of Czestochowa, in the south of Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities, whose main attraction is the Jasna Gora Monastery, which holds the sacred image of the Black Madonna, sacred to all Catholics. Every year, millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to Czestochowa in order to see the “Most Holy Mary” (St. Mary - Polish.)

    Polish Kaspersky employees are talented not only in the field of information security. Among them are musicians, artists, many are fond of extreme sports.

    The work of the Polish press service is highly regarded by local journalists. The department’s activities were twice praised at the European level: in 2009 the PR department received a corporate award in the Best Country PR Performance category, and in 2010 the achievements of the Poles in the field of public relations were recognized as outstanding (corporate award Extraordinary PR Achievement in Europe). Over the many years of work and direct activity of the Polish Kaspersky Lab has been awarded many awards.

    In the very near future, the company will open its office in the capital, Warsaw.

    United Kingdom
    Office Opening - July 1999
    Location - Ebingdon, Oxfordshire

    Currently, 99 people work for Kaspersky Lab’s office in the UK, including full-time employees and those who work for the company under contracts. Now the whole British office, with bated breath, is waiting for who will become the 100th employee of Kaspersky Lab in Britain.

    The company’s office is located in the technology park Milton Park, which is located in Ebingdon, Oxfordshire. The location of our British office is very convenient: it is equally easy to get here from anywhere in the UK, including from all the major cities of the country. 50 miles separate Ebingdon from London, 35 miles (50 minutes by car) from London Heathrow Airport.

    imageThe British office in the structure of Kaspersky Lab is part of Mature Markets. The UK team includes employees representing all the main areas of work in the LC, including R&D (research and development), sales and marketing, GReAT, finance, HR, technical support and IT.

    For fruitful work and maintaining the exchange of information about the projects of colleagues every Monday in the office is held "Coffee morning". This tradition has been around for several years: a reception desk is set up with coffee, cakes and fruits, which are gladly absorbed by employees who have the opportunity to discuss the latest working news. True, these meetings do not always last long: firstly, everyone is always busy and constantly in a hurry somewhere, and secondly, the cakes from the table disappear too quickly!

    Monthly at the office is determined "Employee of the month." It is selected by secret ballot of all office workers.

    The British office team annually takes part in the Willow Cup on football, which is played between football teams representing all the leading European IT companies. Last year, our Britons won the coveted Cup, and at the end of this year they are going to defend their champion title. As British colleagues joke, “perhaps we ourselves were most surprised at our victory!” We wish them good luck!

    Office Opening - 2004
    Location - Tokyo

    Kaspersky Lab's Japanese office was opened in Tokyo in 2004. The company’s representative office was originally a joint venture with local company iMEX Co. Ltd. - a system developer specializing in the field of integrated solutions for ensuring information security. The Japanese representative office is currently a subsidiary of Kaspersky Lab.

    Of the 50 people in the state today, the Japanese team of Kaspersky Lab employs 7 corporate sales managers, 7 consumer sales managers, 13 people in marketing, 9 in the technical support service, another 9 in the localized QA, 2 employees in the laboratory, 3 people are responsible for finance and administration, plus 1 auditor.

    Tokyo - KL JP OfficeMost of the employees, which is quite natural, are Japanese. There are no expats in the office in the full sense of the word, however there are two workers of foreign origin hired for local positions. Michael Molzner, originally from Germany, is a regional developer, a member of GReAT, who heads the IT Security Laboratory in Japan. Maria Kandaurova - as you might guess, Russian - has been working in the company as a QA engineer for more than two years.

    Nevertheless, Kaspersky Lab, being a foreign company, provides its employees with more favorable conditions than those established in Japanese organizations. So, an employee of the company has the right to take a week's vacation not only on not only in the summer, which is the generally accepted norm for Japan, but also has winter holidays. This is an unusual occurrence for local companies, where the remaining number of days is usually spent only on short-term days off.

    Tokyo - KL JP OfficeIn connection with the expansion of staff, the Japanese representative office of Kaspersky Lab in June 2011 moved to a new office building. The area of ​​deployment, however, remained the same - this is the legendary Akihabara, which in Tokyo is called the Electric City. The new office is 9 times larger than the previous one: 1069.36 m2 instead of the previous 115.36 m2! Now it is just a five-minute walk from the Japanese subway station Akihabara (JR). The 19-story Sumitomo Realty & Development Akihabara Building office building was built in 2009.

    The name of the Tokyo Akihabara district, where the Kaspersky Lab office is located, is translated from Japanese as: “Field of autumn leaves” (秋葉原). Akihabara is also known by its middle name - Electric City (Akihabara Denki Gai). It is here that the largest shops and a number of stores in Tokyo with all kinds of electronics, equipment and computers are located. Electric City also has the status of a tax-free zone, which makes local shopping more attractive for foreigners (by the way, VAT in Japan is only 5%). So the location of our Japanese office is quite logical. The Japanese often shorten the name of the area to "Akiba." But in fact, what Tokyois call Akihabara, official documents indicate the quarters of Soto-Kanda, Kanda-Matsunaga and Kanda-Neribei, part of the Chiyoda-kyu district.

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