Runetology (137): Co-founder of the geosocial service AlterGeo Alexander Dorzhiev

    Alexander Dorzhiev about why people use AlterGeo, whether the service is a new generation marketing, what is the effectiveness of AlterGeo's offer on the market, about the monetization model of the service, about competitors, and much more.

    Guest Interview:
    • Can a geolocation service be profitable?
    • How many users are there in AlterGeo?
    • How is AlterGeo different from Foursquare?
    • “We have such a situation now. If we compare our audience with the Foursquare audience, then it’s almost the same as comparing the Contact audience and the Facebook audience not by quantitative indicators, but by who this audience is. ”
    • Who is competing with AlterGeo?
    • Why tell friends about where you are?
    • When did Dorzhiev first go in for geolocation?
    • AlterGeo's inside business: technology and user experience.
    • Who is partnering with AlterGeo?
    • How is the database of objects filled in on the service?
    • What is the AlterGeo monetization model?
    • How many users can come from AlterGeo?
    • Why do people check in mostly in restaurants?
    • How many people work on the service?
    • Why outsource application development?
    • Why do investors love AlterGeo?

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