Kaspersky: problems with updating databases, antiviruses are disabled

    Today I discovered that my Kaspersky 2012 has disconnected (protection is suspended) with messages in different places that my license is disabled and, in general, the databases are corrupted. I went to my office on my.kaspersky.com where I read the following message:

    At the moment, there is a general problem with updating anti-virus databases. Work is underway to restore the serviceability of the update service as soon as possible. Please try to roll back anti-virus databases and wait a few hours before updating again. If the databases are not rolled back, temporarily ignore the error message and try updating again after a few hours.

    Since the message does not say how to roll back the databases, I give a link to the instructions .

    If you tried updating the databases before - instead of the specified button with the drop-out, you will see the “Stop” button, pressing which does not immediately lead to action, but after a few minutes it will turn into the same as in the video and you can roll back the bases.

    After the rollback of the databases, the anti-virus operation is restored, but I do not risk updating yet again.

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