MTS gift for the 130th anniversary of MGTS

    The oldest operator in Moscow (MGTS) in the new year may cease to exist.
    As it became known, typeset marketing plans of the MTS GROUP for 2012, from which MGTS was deleted. It is unlikely that this will increase the manageability and profitability of the business. The negative reaction of users of metropolitan services is obvious, for more than two centuries they have been using a convenient and cheap landline telephone. Conscious liquidation of the brand is comparable to the liquidation of the wire telephony itself. It is unlikely that this will suit the Moscow authorities, because communication ensures the efficiency of urban enterprises, the implementation of social projects.
    The absorption of the brand will sow panic among consumers of services, accustomed to receive high-quality and cheap communications. Under the brand of a mobile operator, such an opportunity is lost. It is fraught with the rejection of landline telephony services and the “transfer” of large state-owned companies to small-retail operators. There are fears that a potentially strong asset will be incorrectly disposed of, which would jeopardize not only the manageability of the largest communications infrastructure, but also the prospect of the emergence of real converged services.

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