Treshkast No. 3

    imageFriends! The New Year holidays died down, and we decided to record the third Treshkast.

    This episode included a lot of news from CES 2012, namely:
    • Nokia Lumia 900.
    • Nokia bought the Smarterphone mobile platform.
    • HTC Titan II - LTE and 16 megapixel camera.
    • Motorola with a fat battery - cheers?
    • Sony Xperia - now without Ericsson, but with two new products.
    • Huawei revealed a slim smartphone.
    • Very little about WP.
    • Google gives the choice of shell to Android users.
    • The official release of Gorilla Glass 2.
    • USB 3.0 will come to tablets and smartphones.
    Podcast contains profanity .
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