Introduced modular game controller for professional gamers

    There are many strange and unusual things in the world, and one of them is the new modular joystick from the company, whose name is familiar to many - Mad Catz. Now, developers have introduced a slightly strange game controller for professional gamers. This controller, called the Pro Circuit, is suitable for two game consoles at once: for the Xbox 360, and for the PS3. He immediately has three analog sticks, plus an unusual shape and structure. The fact is that all the sticks and the D-pad itself are removable, which is why the controller is modular.

    The modules for the controller are very different, you can even make three analog sticks so that all this looks as unusual as possible. In principle, the normal configuration is placed without problems - two analogs and one D-pad. It is also interesting that the controller allows you to use all sorts of overlays - perhaps some gamers will find this option useful for themselves. After all, not for every hand the controller case is equally convenient, right?

    The creators of the device claim that the development is intended for players of Major League Gaming (MLG). That is, for professionals of the highest standard, for whom any part of the controller can be of importance. And yes, Pro Circuit is wired, most professional gamers work with wired devices, considering them more reliable.

    So far, the author of the development does not say anything about the price, but it is unlikely that the Pro Circuit will cost a couple of tens of dollars. Most likely, the account will go to hundreds of arbitrary units. The device will begin to be sold in December this year.

    Via DVICE

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