Zynga has announced its social network for games

    Zynga has announced Project Z, a platform for social games and chatting with friends.

    Project Z, also known as Zynga Live and Zynga Direct, will allow users to start playing on Facebook and continue in Project Z without interruption, and vice versa. In essence, this will be a social network designed specifically for games and communication about games, moreover, with authorization via Facebook Connect.

    Project Z will use a user name system called zTags, similar to the system used in Xbox Live. Users can register their names at ztag.zynga.com .

    Despite the full integration of the new platform with Facebook, Zynga is trying to get rid of the image of the official game developer for Facebook. This is evidenced by the launch of its own platform, andSeptember launch of games for Google+.

    In addition to this announcement, Zynga introduced five new games: CastleVille, Zynga Bingo and Hidden Chronicles for Facebook, Mafia Wars 2 for Facebook and Google+. Dream Zoo will be available as an iOS game.

    The company did not report when the social gaming platform will be launched, only noting that this will happen in the near future.

    via Mashable , ReadWriteWeb

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