Synthesis is the point of everything. Habrahabr live

    We present the free mobile application Radio RSS for iPhone and iPad , which reads live news from Habrahabr, Yandex, Sportbox, Snob and Kommersant.

    * For some reason, the administration of the resource post moved to a closed blog. Probably, so that someone would not think that Habr is promoting himself ...

    As part of the Speech Factory project, we have prepared for you the first line of services based on speech synthesis technology .

    Firstly, this is the Radio RSS mobile app for iPhone and iPad.

    The desktop version of the application was launched a year ago, and, despite the high score , it turned out to be somewhat redundant: few in front of the monitor are ready to listen to what you can quickly run through with your eyes. Soon we realized this nuance and implemented a stylish and functional mobile application that reads news feeds of popular sites and works equally quickly both via Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

    Meet - Radio RSS.
    link in itunes
    Recommended in traffic jams!

    Secondly, the entertainment service of voice cards

    With the right approach, you can squeeze a lot of positive emotions out of this service. Choose your favorite picture, write a text, put one out of five voices, combine it with suitable music - and send a link to the mail or to a social network. It turns out, for example, like this .

    Voice Cards . Have a good mood!

    Third and fourth, synthesis API and synthesizer’s personal account

    From fun to serious. If you want to build your own services or voice any texts using the synthesis of the Speech Technology Center, you can connect to the synthesis API service (instructions here ) or, logging in to your account, voice and download arbitrarily large texts.
    Within a week we give out test keys; come to experiment.
    Two weeks later, we open the service for commercial use.
    1 minute - 1 dollar.

    Well and fifth, - subtitle voice service

    But here, as in the cartoon about Pechkin - “I won’t give it to you because you don’t have any documents” (c)

    We have implemented the service, but we don’t yet know how to overcome the legal difficulties arising at every step with copyright. The service allows you to automatically create synthesized audio tracks from a subtitle file (.srt) in an automatic mode with incredible speed. At the input you submit the original video and subtitle file, the finished video with the original Russian sound is output (we do not completely muffle the original sound track to achieve the “Volodarsky effect”, and the original intonations dilute the monotonous voice of the robot).

    We thought on what to show the power of this service. First we voiced Jobs , then Lady Gaga... Well, then they decided to voice the entire TED (a popular international conference Technology Entertainment Design ).

    And voiced !

    It sounds like this:

    But the problem is where to upload the results. They kicked us out with (even from a paid account), doesn’t go on the iPad, we got a 15-minute video limit on youtube and some videos are banned (now, however, they’ve removed again) ... In a word, legal restrictions have not yet give the opportunity to roll out this service in the form in which we would like.

    But in order not to end up on the sad - very soon we will delight you with a series of beautiful and useful mobile applications and services, and of course contests. We look forward to your feedback and comments.

    Sincerely, The .

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