Website for bringing a little-known product to the market

    Communicating even with different customers, you often find what is called the “format” - the most suitable option for solving most problems. The details are changing, and this is what ultimately creates the feeling that the product is completely different.

    Recently I was approached by an audit company that needed a new site. In this regard, we could not find a compromise, however, the company and its team hooked me and I took on one of the most interesting and exclusive areas - forenzik (financial investigations at enterprises).

    Describing the site, I cannot but tell in detail about the process of its creation.


    Forensic is a little-known service in our country, the demand for which in Russia, judging by the statistics of search engines, is scanty. But to solve the problem of introducing a new product to the market is at least interesting and useful for the mind.

    We talked closely with the head of the company, the "top" of the management link. I saw on the director’s desk a book by Ural Suleymanov, “Rules for Rat Hunting,” on how to identify theft in the enterprise and what can be done about it. As a result, I took to read.

    The book itself is unique. It is interestingly written, it contains many comparisons and allegories on the subject of rats and thieves, many examples and effective methods for determining the causes of theft.

    According to the head of the company, the book was bought in the discounted goods department, which in itself already speaks of the demand for the service.

    The book is undoubtedly useful. However, it was written in a very harsh, sometimes shocking style, when sometimes you feel uncomfortable and think whether you are doing the right thing at certain times.

    When it came to the site again, I suggested using the very “format” that I spoke about at the very beginning: a well-thought-out structure, navigation, correct and convincing materials, nice design ...

    But it was not all that’s why I left this for a while I began to wait for the task when the solution comes by itself. Our "thinker" will still be engaged in processing the necessary information in the background.


    Explain the essence of financial investigation services so that you want to trust the contractor, it is possible only through conversation or dialogue.

    And then I remembered the article written by the head of this company for one federal publication, which he showed me at the first meeting.

    This material was written very vitally, with examples and humor, therefore it was interesting and placed confidence in the authors. I read the article in just 15 minutes.

    In fact, it was the other side of the "Rules ...", with the correct presentation for the owners of the enterprise. Namely, the owners are the main consumers of forensic.

    It seemed to me that this could be the basis of the entire site. Dialogue with a site visitor through an article.

    The article was already ready and well structured. But the Internet always requires refinement of what comes out in print.

    I printed the article, studied the material more carefully, determined how the final material should be structured and designed, reduced and “squeezed” some blocks.

    The result was a ready-made entertaining web text that can be read from the screen in 12-13 minutes with a cup of coffee at lunch time.

    But this is undoubtedly not enough.

    I began to look for good options for submitting articles on the Internet. A good solution for me seemed to sliders. I am not a designer, so I could only sketch the layout on a modular grid.

    The site has just been uploaded, but the layout is being finalized. There are some shoals.

    I decided that for the experimental solution this is enough for now:

    Links from “We Know the Reasons for Theft and How to Deal With It” lead to pages about the company, why it all works out and how it can be done, i.e. about the service.

    In the event that the behavior of visitors shows that my idea was successful, we will make a more correct and professional design.

    Experiment and desired result

    Here's what happened: (I am aware that this word is spelled in a bourgeois way; the link leads to a cast of the site so that the main one does not fall ).

    To attract an audience are used:
    • contextual advertising
    • search promotion
    • publication of articles on specialized sites dedicated to the services of audit companies

    It’s clear that for me the most important result will be customer calls, but it’s still interesting:
    will someone read to the end what I’ve got?

    This is only 12-13 minutes of really entertaining reading, and there are a lot of business owners among the habrayuzers.

    I will be glad to comment on the design, fonts and other things.

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