Bootstrap Web Toolkit

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    Today, Twitter announced the launch of the new Bootstrap toolkit for building web applications using CSS. The set includes styles for typography, forms, buttons, tables, arrows, etc.

    The creators say that the service was launched as a framework for creating front-end applications. The kit was developed during the first Twitter Hackweek.

    The advantages of using Bootstrap in using Less (more details can be found here ), which, according to Twitter users, are more flexible and powerful pre-processor than regular CSS. With Less, developers can access features such as nested declaration, variables, mixins, color functions, etc. This also makes Bootstrap easy to use (“drop it in your code and go,” Twitter says).

    According to Boostrap, how the front-end tool will become popular when building new applications and sites precisely because of its flexibility and speed.

    Interesting fact. On the recently launched Twitter portalover one million third-party applications have already been registered for developers, developed by more than 750,000 developers from around the world. A new application is created every 1.5 seconds.

    Source: Candy News

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