How to create a finance application: 5 APIs to help the developer

    Hello! I continue my research of the sphere of finance from the point of view of technology. In the previous article, we studied the existing trading terminals and their features, and today I propose to talk, in fact, about the development of financial applications.

    For the new topic, I picked up five APIs of various financial services that allow you to both receive a wide variety of data and directly trade on the exchange using written robots.

    Yahoo finance

    Perhaps one of the most famous financial services in the world. Using the free API, developers can use the service data on stock quotes, price changes and market movements. Information is available on a variety of stocks as well as on other instruments, such as currency pairs.

    You can quite conveniently connect to the API using the Rapid API service.


    API for creating an application for trading on Russian exchanges. Developers can use the API as a layer between the exchange trading system and their ready-made trading system (created independently or purchased), create their own trading robot, or even an entire trading terminal with a “custom” interface.

    Access to the API is free, you just need to create an account in the system of the broker company that developed it. There is an opportunity to debug the work of your software using test access in virtual trading.

    Screenshot: SMARTcom documentation

    Sync by paybook

    A service useful to developers of financial applications for foreign markets. It allows you to collect in one place data from banks, financial and utilities companies, government agencies of different countries. This service is paid, access costs from $ 50. The list of services available for integration can be found here .

    Currencylayer API

    A useful service for obtaining information about exchange rates and the value of 168 world currencies. Data is collected from many sources, such as bank sites, commercial information services. Developers promise compatibility with applications of any type and any programming languages.

    There is a free limited version of the API (250 requests per month), a more adequate one starts at $ 9.99 (10,000 requests per month). Their solutions based on the Currencylayer API are developed by companies such as Lyft, Blizzard, Intel.

    Easy finance

    The well-known service for accounting for personal finance in Runet provides an API for third-party developers. As indicated on the project’s website, third-party applications for social networks, mobile applications and plug-ins for browsers are most popular among users of the resource.

    Applications are tested by the service team, approved ones get into a special marketplace and are distributed by subscription. According to statistics from the administration of EasyFinance, application developers can earn 15-50 rubles per user per month. This income consists of revenues from subscribing to the tariffs of the service itself, integration payments of platform partners and advertising.

    Screenshot: Easy Finance API documentation

    That's all for today, thanks for watching! And what interesting APIs of financial services do you know? Leave the links in the comments, so we can collect the most complete list in one place.

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