Does Microsoft promote Google Chrome?

    Who bought Skype there?
    Who is trolling  Google patents  to undermine Android OS? Yes, they just play in public like our deputies in parliament, and then on the sidelines together celebrate or celebrate something) And here's an example. The other day you had to install Skype. Downloaded from the official site . Well, then you can see everything in the screenshot. Even Microsoft considers Google Chrome to be the fastest browser and offers us to install it: PS Comrades, without Google vs. Microsoft vs Apple. Just smile at this incident) PPS Know such incidents -> screenshots in comments! UPD: Guilty.

    It turned out that as if not yet fully bought. Those. Microsoft has not yet completed the takeover, yet there is no power over Skype. Although about 3 months have passed since the transaction!

    - They (skype) bought M $! It’s strange somehow.
    - Did not buy.
    “What did you do?”
    - I bought.
    - I didn’t buy it, but did it?
    - I bought it. Now it has. Will get later. © bliznezz

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