Opensource project from scratch

    For a long time I was afraid to create this topic, but still decided. I hope not in vain. Periodically, on the hub and not only on it, questions arise about what kind of open source project to join ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , ... etc ), the answers to which, to my surprise, are not many. I periodically have free time and I want to participate in one of these projects. And I tried, sent pull requests to some projects on the github, they were accepted, started some of my projects and never finished them. But it's not that ...

    ... I would like to gather a few people, discuss and create some interesting project, albeit without a revolutionary idea, albeit without novelty, albeit without profit, but my own. To see the origin from scratch, to see new commits that add functionality, read someone else's code and other people's comments, learning something new, gain experience, discuss, argue. Then I would like to be able to indicate in the resume a link to the project in which I participated.
    I tried to search for “opensource project requires a developer” and found nothing relevant. That is, I found semi-developed projects in java, php, but this, again, is not it. My interests: Python, C / C ++, (Boost, LLVM, Qt ...).

    Surely I'm not the only one, so I hope for feedback / ideas / links to interesting projects in a very embryonic state. Maybe we will collect it all in one topic and it will be useful not only to me.

    So far, things are as follows:

    Already started projects:to whom development tools are suitable and interesting projects - join.

    From the ideas of new projects came two branches with those who wanted:We are waiting for those interested on the channel

    Also popular now: