Twitter uses Drupal

Original author: Dries Buytaert
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Starting today, the Twitter developer community is powered by Drupal! Check it out at .

This is a big deal for Drupal - not every day one of the most advanced technology startups transfers one of its sites to Drupal. At Acquia, we worked with Twitter on their site, but couldn't talk about it for a long time. And I'm glad that we can finally talk about this, because this is a large example of the use of Drupal.

Twitter is used by 750,000 developers who have created about a million applications that make 13 million API requests every day. These are some amazing numbers! People have a lot of requirements, as we know in the Drupal community.

Fortunately, Drupal manages the communities well. Community developers quickly recognized this and quickly adopted Drupal. Among them are community Brightcove developers , Community Symantec Connect developers , community developers DivX and many others. Drupal’s own website, , has over a million registered developers and is one of the largest developer communities in the world. Needless to say, runs on Drupal.

Twitter is a curious case. At first glance, Twitter does only one thing - it delivers short messages on a one-to-many basis. But its published API (and immense popularity) led to the creation of many interesting things. That's why Drupal sites can post to Twitter, on the contrary, using the Twitter module .

After all, this is a very good community of developers. Developers are like molecules vibrating with intensity and energy. Their individual movements may be random. But together, in the right environment, they can form waves or snowflakes. A well-educated community in which all this is possible is the task of each software product. I would like to think that Twitter, through Drupal, is creating the right environment.

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