Microsoft has announced success in the fight against autorun viruses

    Microsoft has posted interesting data on the Microsoft Technet blog, which shows a significant reduction in computers infected with autorun viruses. According to Microsoft experts, the decrease is quite significant, in the world it has become 1.3 million less infected with this type of malware. The statistics show data from February to May of this year, and Windows Vista and XP were compared.

    A comparison was made with the number of infected PCs in the previous three months. Microsoft experts recorded a constant increase in the “species diversity” of such malicious software, which became more and more widespread due to the appearance on the market of hardware flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards and other equipment. The most popular varieties of autorun malware, according to Microsoft, are Conficker, Rimecud, and Taterf.

    Starting in February of this year (approximately from the middle), Microsoft Corporation released and began distributing updates to the above OSs, which did what it was time to do already: they blocked the autorun function. Following the release of updates, experts began to note a decrease in the number of infected PCs.

    Microsoft also claims that in May 2011, PCs with operating systems such as XP and Vista showed 59% and 74% less infections, respectively, than in May last year. At the same time, representatives of Kaspersky Lab claim that the activity of representatives of the "families" Palevo, Autorun, Kido, and Magania, decreased by only 15%.

    But nevertheless, despite the fact that the data collection and processing systems of Microsoft and Kaspersky are different, the decrease in the activity of autoran malware is noted by both companies. And the decline is quite significant. It's too early to talk about victory, but there is success.

    Via CNET

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