Flamp makes people write reviews!

    Once, wandering around the Internet, I came across the post of one good man , a free retelling of which boils down to the following:
    What makes people write reviews?
    1. Strong emotions.
    2. Production need.
    3. Flamp.

    What kind of Flamp?
    Flamp is people’s reviews of the city’s companies. Now only Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk are represented on the site , but already during the summer at least 4 cities will be added, and by the end of the year we plan to descend on another 7-10 largest cities of our vast Motherland. Including Moscow and St. Petersburg.


    The site is still in beta, but it’s obvious that this doesn’t stop socially active residents of the city: Novosibirsk has already downloaded 3,500 reviews of 1,500 companies, and Krasnoyarsk people have covered more than 500 companies in a couple of weeks and wrote more than 1,000 reviews. Good start, I think :)

    What is on Flampe?
    In essence, Flamp is a collective blog with a clearly defined theme - “city companies”. At Flamp, you can write reviews and become an expert , read other authors, or simply search for information about a specific company in the city - almost all of them are on Flamp.

    Where does the data come from?
    Skeleton Flamp - a detailed directory of organizations in the city. Based on the data from the 2GIS directory , so that almost 100% can be vouched for their relevance. By the way, yes, 2GIS is the same directory, the mobile version of which was drawn by Turbomilk , and which recently appeared in Moscow .

    What is the difference from analogues?
    The very concept of a feedback service is not new at all, but Flamp has two main differences from its analogues: a detailed directory of organizations and work with the audience. We are not interested in simply collecting feedback, we are determined to create a party and are actively working in this direction: we are already organizing various events, meetings and competitions especially for flammers.

    Join , write, read and choose only the best companies and institutions!

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