Electronic Accountant # 8: The main thing is not to do out of the effectiveness of the fetish

    Maxim Spiridonov , an Internet entrepreneur and a rather vivid representative of Runet, oversees several projects at the same time. Among them are such well-known as the Roiber Publishing House , the Runetology expert show , the Runet Today analytical radio program , the PodFm.ru audio magazine and others.

    Each of them requires a certain degree of involvement and immersion. Nevertheless, Maxim manages not only to keep the situation under control, but also to do it from different points of the globe.

    In a programme:

    1. What should an entrepreneur leading several projects spend most of his time on?
    2. Do you often have to switch from one project to another, and how does this happen?
    3. What are the criteria for evaluating workday productivity?
    4. How important is a personal presence in the business?
    5. What should form the basis of a potentially successful project?

    Electronic accountant on rpod.ru and podfm.ru
    Duration 27 minutes, size 25 MB.
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