Sports programming with ABBYY

    imageWhen we wrote a post about our department, we mentioned that in May the ABBYY Cup student online programming contest will take place. It is time to tell you more about it.

    ABBYY Cup starts on Sunday May 15 at 10:00. Any student can try his hand at it. The participants will be offered five tasks of varying complexity, the solution of which takes eight hours. As in any other programming olympiad, in order to earn maximum points, you will not only have to solve the task, but also meet certain time and memory limits.

    Solutions will be evaluated using automated tests - the more of them your program will pass, the higher the score. To exclude offensive mistakes, during the Olympiad it will be possible to test your code in open tests. It is recommended to solve problems in C / C ++. In principle, you can choose another language (Pascal, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java), but keep in mind: we do not guarantee that there will be a solution for it that can pass all the tests (and, accordingly, score the maximum number of points) !

    Do not think for a long time about whether to participate or not! Just registerand wait for the start of the competition. ABBYY Cup is not a way to test sports programming skills. Rather, it is an opportunity for students who have never participated in such competitions and are not familiar with the format of Olympiad programming, in a relaxed atmosphere, in no hurry, to think about non-standard tasks, to offer their solutions. If you fail to solve something to the end, send your code anyway. For almost all tasks, there are partial solutions for which points will be awarded.

    Well, for those who are committed to a high result, we inform you - in addition to valuable prizes, participants of the ABBYY Cup will have the opportunity to visit our company, as well as count the results of the Olympiad as entrance tests when selecting for the Department of Image Recognition and Text Processing at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology or at employment at ABBYY.

    Dmitry Gritsan
    together with a group of educational projects

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