Moreinis at the apparatus

    Good news for project authors at the stages of ideas and prototypes!
    The next Startup Weekend in Kazan , May 20-22, also takes part in the qualifying round for Intensive Startup Vacations . Next Startup Weekend in Moscow June 17-20.

    If you want to test the strength of your project idea in advance and win with Arkady Moreynis , sign up for skype-conversations! To do this, just send your nickname to

    Skype meetings will be held on May 13 , 17 and 19 .
    You can take part in the discussion and get advice from Arkady Moreynis, being in any city. We will pay the authors of the best projects for travel and accommodation during the Moscow Startup Weekend (June 17-19) .

    And in Kazan, according to tradition, Runet guru, top managers of large companies will think with you, share experience and make your project better.

    Based on the results of the Startup Weekend, Glavstart
    gives teams the best projects up to $ 100,000 per project.

    To take part with your project, you need to send a description of the idea (what is your project about?) To

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