Internet radio module, or what to do in May

    Hi, Habrozhitelami! In previous publications, I have already written about WOLNA Internet radios, which I collect and produce on my own.

    But these were ready-made radios, and now I would like to tell you about the Wolna-Module, which allows you to make Internet radio from the iron of any device that has an amplifier and speakers.

    It so happened that we have a lot of people with straight arms. I don’t know what caused this, a large number of radio circles in Soviet times, or the current widespread arduinization of the population. But be that as it may, almost immediately, as I began to produce radios, I began to receive requests to sell a separate fee.

    And now, you can buy it officially right on the site.

    Where they just did not build: tape recorders, musical cents and bluetooth speakers. But the post-apocalyptic plywood device with 6 speakers and an amplifier of 100 watts per channel became the apogee.

    For those who do not understand, the radio is on top for scale, and the module itself is a black rectangle on a plywood box.

    Here are some more examples of applications from users:
    Music center:

    Bluetooth speaker:

    Soviet tape recorder:

    Legendary SHARP-9191

    The Internet radio module is assembled according to the same scheme as Wolna-2 , uses the same firmware, and can do the same - allows the user to add up to 1000 stations, can update the firmware “over the air”, synchronizes the clock with the Internet, and much more.

    Of the special goodies, I would like to mention the updated web-interface that allows you to fully control playback directly from the browser, which actually allows you to use any smartphone as a control panel.

    Web Interface Screenshots

    The connection scheme turns out to be elementary, and the device itself works right out of the box:

    Sure, with this device, the craftsmen will have something to do for the May holidays, and not only.

    Tips, criticism (praise is not accepted), as well as ideas for the application, please contact us.
    And at the end, as usual video, how it works:

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