jBitTorrent API 1.0, corrected and supplemented

    I recently described the jBitTorrent library for Java, with which you can work with files using the BitTorrent protocol.
    In the same article, there was a block describing the problems encountered when using this library, because it has not been updated since 2009.
    User sadyjka suggested that I fix these bugs myself, and so I found a little time for this. The following issues have been fixed:

    • The drawback of adding multiple files to the generated torrent file
    • Error uploading files

    In the first case, I implemented the addition of a folder to generate a torrent file, in the second case, I simply removed the call to the method that throws the exception. As far as I understand its logic from the code, it is not really needed (processing peer rating).
    More complete descriptions of these errors can be found in the article at the link above.

    I admit honestly, I had to deal with this code for several days, so I could put a little bit of code into it. I did not begin to remove the
    problem printData, because the method is also not critical, and after looking at the source, I saw that there was access to list elements that were not used in that class.
    I apologize that my fixes are not on SourceForge, because the author was very busy. JAR UPD

    sources At the request of debacle

    made a repository on github .

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