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    We continue to travel to the offices of companies registered on Habré. Today, as you already understood from the headline, I will conduct a virtual tour of the Moscow office of Beeline, one of the largest mobile operators in Russia.

    Caution - under the cut, a stack of 60 photographs (easter eggs x8), some of which can cause acute bouts of nostalgia.

    The office is located near the metro station "Novoslobodskaya", a five-minute walk on foot. In total, the company employs about 30,000 people, 6,000 of whom work in Moscow. The main Moscow office (it is called headquarters) employs about 2,000 people.

    In general, initially Ekaterina Turtseva ( EkaterinaTurtseva , brand communications manager in Russia) invited me toMobio Lab - their so-called usability-laboratory, but in the end I could not deny myself the pleasure of walking around the office.

    I admit - I didn’t even remember who works on what floor, and it’s unlikely that this information is really interesting to you. Therefore, the order of the photographs will be according to the route we were on. And at first it was that very “laboratory”.

    █ Mobio Lab

    So. 2007, autumn - the marketing and sales department decides to create a new division - a product design service, whose main task will be to take care of the user at all stages of his interaction with Beeline services. And Mobio Lab in the Moscow office was nothing more than the result of the work of this unit - in this usually unusual place, an analysis of the user suitability and competitiveness of all Beeline products is carried out, as well as the design of convenient and understandable company service interfaces.

    The main objective of the laboratory is to increase the usability of products, services, and services - this is mainly done by involving real users in testing. Their response allows not only to create, invent something new, but also to improve / simplify / optimize the existing one - not only nascent functions and prototypes (which are at the testing stage), but also directly existing products are analyzed.

    Experts in the company are good, but if you fight for the client (and in the conditions of service competition this is exactly what you need to do), then you need to “visit their shoes” - for this, the laboratory was divided into several sectors, in which various user interfaces are as close as possible to reality Furnishings: office, home, cafe and cinema.

    In a cafe, the most common cafe setting - tea, coffee-tables, chairs and tables, the smell of chebureks - no one forbids you to really take and make yourself a drink or take one available from the refrigerator:

    There are a lot of such cardboard characters in the office - two weeks have already passed since visiting the office, and they continue to dream about me.

    On the bar counter there is a source of warm lamp sound:

    Literally behind the partition there is already home comfort - a laminate, a soft sofa opposite the widescreen TV, a wall with orders and awards:

    Another typical office setting is through the partition: a table-chair, a system unit with a monitor or laptop, printer with an uninterrupted service and many, many sticky leaves:

    There is also a test payment terminal (exactly the same as it was in my store opposite the house - but I think where it went):

    By the way, for the first time in my life I saw live expensive devices called eyetracker - special things with infrared sensors , allowing you to track where the user is looking. Simply put, unlike the subjective “convenient / inconvenient”, this thing gives a unique opportunity to measure “convenience” (interface) quantitatively - at the 404fest conference one of the speakers made an interesting report on this topic (regarding CMS systems) - I would give a lot for an opportunity to test Habr at such level to make it even better.

    All "rooms" are separated by decorative partitions ...

    ... and are located around the glass “middle”, from where users are monitored for experimental rabbits . Outside it is a mirrored glass wall:

    And inside is the spy's dream. A panoramic view of all rooms, a lot of sensors, control of light and sound in the rooms, camera control (to display the user's image or what is shown on the screens at the moment), the ability to conduct a dialogue with the test participant is anything.

    Accordingly, by measuring certain data (the analysis of which helps to evaluate the convenience of certain services for the end user), you can make your products better. Well, for example, there is a stupid advertisement (at MTS and Megafon, ahah)- you watch it and don’t understand what it’s all about - there’s something distracting in the video all the time. And it’s worth watching this video under the "sight" of the IT tracker, how everything will fall into place - in this way you can focus on the "right" places ... yes you can do anything - there is already a whole science. And maybe on the part of the user this approach seems somewhat inhumane, but what to do is the company's understandable desire to strive to bring its products and services to a new level. So the approach, I think, is very correct.

    █ Workflow

    After visiting the laboratory, we decided to walk along the floors, see who works how - a kind of volatile control. No one was taken aback - everyone worked :) The situation is quite quiet, although I would not say that there are few people.

    His Majesty Artyom Minaev (Head of the Department of Public Relations in the CIS countries) - it was a chance meeting with him that laid the foundation for my acquaintance with the company:

    Once, putting things in order in my room, I noticed that all-all-all horizontal surfaces were forced by something - as it turned out later, this is a completely natural property of human behavior. So it is with Beeline - probably you have already noticed the number of all kinds of black and yellow things living on the bright side. On any free spot there are bees, wasps, bumblebees, bears, giraffes, scarves, felt boots, umbrellas, mugs and watering cans - but what they just don't have there!

    New bees on the couch with the old logo:


    - “But I also have a kote!”

    An elegant example of subtle trolling:

    Purses with invites (s):

    A giant guitar and a hipster old-school sneaker, in which, I give a tooth, someone sometimes sleeps!

    And on one of the desktops, I noticed a lively and fluffy something in the same corporate colors:

    In general, I’ll honestly say: for the first time I see such a corporate spirit, unity of style and a variety of solutions - a serious approach is immediately visible, which inspires respect.

    No less pleased was the “museum of technology” created by the company's employees, which is a rack with several dozen devices that only the most wealthy people could afford at one time:

    Now you can buy a SIM card or phone in any transition, but before it was all strictly :

    I wonder what the average number of subscribers in the “address book” was for the owners of such handsets?

    On the highest (on the eighth) floor, it’s significantly calmer, and the situation is more impressive - wood, leather and no “trinkets”. It’s easy to guess that the company’s management lives there, however, I didn’t find anyone on the day of the excursion :)

    There are several meeting rooms on the floor - each with a large table.

    The office of the former leader (Alexander Izosimov) - I am surprised that it is transparent.

    At the very end of the floor there is a kind of relaxation room - in the center there is a kind of glass fireplace (or stove?), And around - sofas and armchairs.

    It's all about Feng Shui - I would give a lot for the opportunity to work there on a laptop, sitting back comfortably on a cold winter evening, drinking hot mulled wine and listening to the crackles of a fire against the background of howling vile gusts of wind outside the window.

    If desired, among the panoramic windows you can find an exit to the roof, from where a beautiful view of Moscow opens. I would give a lot for the opportunity to work there on a laptop, spread out on a sunbed on a hot summer day, drinking ice mojito and not hearing through the headphones the vicious banging of tinted cayenne :) By the way, sometimes a company holds various events on the roof - well, it’s a sin not to use such an opportunity!

    In this photo you can see a piece of the neighboring building, in which Beeline is also located.

    █ the end

    A large number of company employees perform gigantic amounts of work every day - it is logical that all this requires a lot of space. In this case, it exists, it is spent quite rationally and very comfortable - now I looked through the pictures again and, perhaps, would have given the rest of the “lot” for “working”;) I

    would like to thank all the employees of the company involved in creating one of the most interesting corporate blogs on Habré - I read every post from cover to cover!

    Tired but happy, we returned home.

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