The first "World" for real women

    Good afternoon.

    We want to bring to your attention a new social network, its launch was specially timed to the first of April, as the name is not quite ordinary. Surely you can fully appreciate it.

    So this World "Bab" .ru .

    It’s worth immediately making a reservation and clarifying that we don’t want to offend anyone or insult this name, but we use a completely logical and original Russian designation. After all, it was precisely in Russia that there were many sayings, and the most famous of them, without a doubt, is: "The Russian woman will stop her lope and her horse, and she will enter a burning hut." Thus, we want to emphasize that we are creating a project specifically for real Russian women who surround us every day, they tend to be ladies, but at the same time their will and character will always cause us a sense of respect.

    The goal of this social network is to gather Russian-speaking women from all over the world under their wing, to allow them to share their thoughts and help each other. You will probably say that this has happened more than once, and there is no originality in this project. In part, we can agree with you, but at the same time allow ourselves to note that we approach from a slightly different perspective, allowing a more specific layer of the audience to interact with each other, giving exactly what they want to receive.

    The project is in beta testing, and we will be glad to see the first participants on its pages. In the very near future, we will make a couple of major updates that will help in simplifying the use of this social network and a more friendly approach to users. The second point is the desire to create exactly the platform that our ladies want to see. We offer to participate in the formation of topics for common blogs that will be of interest to them. Those. create a place where it will be convenient to dwell for absolutely all participants. We are ready to make any required changes and fully adapt to their needs.

    We will be waiting for you in the first world for real women. Do not miss the chance to make it what you always dreamed of.

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