Runetology (84): Runet media market

    Media analyst Vasily Gatov - about the state of the Runet media market, about who the industry leader is and who only wants to be, about new media and media managers, about the true place of UGC in the media, about the preferences of readers and listeners in presenting information, and about whether it will change internet state.

    Guest Interview:
    • What will be in the 21st century editions from the old press?
    • The situation in modern digital media on the Hamburg account: who will be the leader?
    • “I don't really understand what Snob does online.”
    • What content attracts an Internet user today?
    • “Large illustrations and videos are very serious condiments, and they must be used with extreme caution.”
    • Will the media go completely into social networks?
    • State and the Internet. Who will win?
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