All Google I / O tickets sold in 59 minutes

    Google I / O is an annual conference of web developers, held by Google to discuss the development of open web technologies and their services. Tickets for Google I / O 2011 went on sale

    today . But you can't buy them right now! As Google Vice President Vic Gundotra wrote on Twitter, all tickets are sold out in just 59 minutes. For comparison: in 2009, tickets were sold out in 90 days, and in 2010 - in 50 days. TechCrunch writes

    that is a pretty stunning indicator that developers are more interested in working with Google platforms (namely Android and Chrome). The developers may also count on Google’s habit of handing new Android phones at such events (each received an Evo 4G last year), which makes the ticket price $ 450 more reasonable.

    This year I / O will discuss cloud technologies, as well as Google products and technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, App Engine, Google Web Toolkit and Google API. The conference will be held May 10–11 in San Francisco.

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