Corey Doctorow, The Little Brother

    [cover thumbnail]Throughout the existence of the Reading Room blog, it has never mentioned the major work of Corey Doctorow, entitled The Younger Brother . It is time to correct this fact.

    This book is a fascinating adventure novel (with elements of anarchist prose and cipherpunk), which tells about modern teenagers from the network of youth who enter into a secret fight against the digital totalitarian government, against the system and atmosphere of universal surveillance and denunciation, against the ever-increasing pressure generated by the terrorist threat and violence brought by the state to its own citizens.

    Perhaps on this day no other work will be more appropriate. Indeed, today, on February 7, 2011, as it was said on Habrahabr the day before ([ 1 ], [ 2 ]), the Russian government begins to control the Internet with many thousands of eyes and fingers of the “Kremlin trolls”, it will spend millions of dollars on monitoring and changing discourse . Arrests and the so-called " showy, vivid processes, rude visible punishment " will be made. And we know that all this will be justified either by the bloody drama that took place in Domodedovo, or by the need to combat child pornography, or by some other bugbear like “extremism”.

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