Creating a game level in 11 days

    Creating a game level in 11 days
    Last year, on the expanses of the Internet, I saw a wonderful book “How to Create a Map in 11 Days” by game devs on foreign counterparts (namely, Alex Galuzin). Immediately there was the thought of reading it and translating it into Russian.

    Although the book deals with UDK and Maya, it is not tied to any engines, but more about the organization of the workflow and task setting when developing a game level.


    • Day 1
    • Idea
    • Study
    • Background Information Collection
    • Phased plan
    • Work on the concept

    Day 2-4
    • Geometry and Modeling

    Day 5-6
    • Texturing

    Day 7-8
    • Lighting

    Day 9-12
    • Lighting
    • Sound effects
    • Visual effects
    • Final touches
    • Beta release
    • Card release
    • Waiting for feedback
    • Final release

    Sample Pages

    You can merge yourself with the people.

    Links to the author of the book and the translator are in the book. If anyone is interested, they can find everything there. I will be glad to reviews and comments on the book.

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