San Francisco Google Chrome OS Demo

    Google just showed off Chrome OS at its presentation in San Francisco.

    To set up a brand new machine with Chrome OS, you only need 4 steps and less than a minute. All settings and the theme are pulled out of the cloud, and if you change / add something on other computers, synchronization takes less than a second. The test equipment on which Chrome OS was shown came out of sleep mode almost instantly. The OS supports multiple accounts, as well as a guest account, in Incognito Mode, all default data is encrypted.


    You can work offline, synchronization occurs as soon as the network appears.

    Also showcased on the Chrome Web Store, Google Cloud Print (allows you to print to your home printer from anywhere). Devices with Chrome OS will use Verizon’s 3G plans - the prices are true, in my opinion, bite. 100 MB of data every month for two years, if this is not enough, you can take unlimited for a day for $ 9.99, or buy a few gigabytes separately.
    Here is a price tag (thanks YasonBy ).

    There are also disadvantages - there is no USB support yet, some bugs, etc. Chrome OS will ship on Intel-based machines from Acer and Samsung in mid-2011.

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