Windows Mobile 6.5 Highscreen Nano Communicator

    Recently, the Highscreen Nano communicator fell into my hands. Externally, the device looks nice and somewhat resembles the HTC Touch. Black case with silver trim. Small size (103x54x14.1).

    OS Windows Mobile 6.5 is installed on board, the shell for the “desktop” Spb Mobile Shell is also installed instead of the standard one, also from the preinstalled software - SPB Keyboard, SPB Mobile TV. It is sewn into the firmware, so even after a hard reset (return to the factory settings) it will be installed again.

    The fact that the manufacturer was worried about the pre-installed high-quality software is quite good, especially for a budget communicator. Although, in my personal opinion, one more thing is missing. It would also be nice to preinstall a replacement for the standard “dialer” - a program for calls and address book. Because the thing is often used, and the standard ones from WinMobile obviously do not reach, for example, PhoneEx, Spb Mobile Shell or analogues. Spb Mobile Shell is one of the best shell programs. And it includes almost all the necessary functions, from settings to the address book.

    From the software part, the keyboard was also replaced. Instead, the keyboard is again from Spb Mobile. Although it should be noted that it is better built-in and has enlarged buttons, but, despite this, it’s comfortable to get through the buttons only in landscape (landscape) spread.

    The price of the communicator is quite pleasant ($ 230) as for a communicator with Windows Mobile 6.5, given that the cheapest analogs start at $ 260 .

    The communicator is equipped with a fairly fast processor - Marvell PXA300 (624MHz) + NXP5209, the amount of RAM (RAM) - 128 Mb, built-in flash drive (ROM) - 256 MB. This is quite enough for both Windows Mobile 6.5 and third-party software to work at a pleasant speed for the user.

    Of the network features, Highscreen Nano has Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR) and WiFi (802.11b / g).

    Since the phone is budget, it is not worth it to require 3G support. So the phone only works with GSM frequencies. Pleasantly surprised by the presence of a GPS receiver and motion sensor. Highscreen Nano is also equipped with a GPS receiver based on the common SiRF Star III chip.

    Although there is no pre-installed navigation software, it can be easily replaced with Yandex.Maps or Google Maps. If desired, you can also install any additional navigation software, for example NaviTel or iGo. AGPS is supported, which significantly speeds up the time to search for satellites, based on data from cellular base stations and from the Internet. There is also an FM receiver, which, of course, works when you connect a wired headset, which is included in the package.

    There is also a rotation sensor.

    The phone screen is quite standard - 320x240 2.8 "QVGA. There is a 2M camera, but without flash and autofocus. In most budget phones, the camera works very mediocre, Highscreen Nano is no exception in this regard. Nevertheless, in daylight you can capture quite good ones photos when there is no camera at hand.The

    package includes: a software disc, an instruction manual, an additional stylus, a wired stereo headset, a sync wire, a power supply and a case, which is more than enough for a pleasant work with the device. Itura has a 3.5mm jack, which can be considered a drawback, but nevertheless, a replacement headset with a miniUSB jack, which is used by Highscreen, can be found.


    The "pluses" include:
    • Nice appearance and small size
    • Preinstalled software
    • Low price
    • Wifi
    • GPS / AGPS
    • Good equipment (nice case :))
    • Not yet supplied with pre-installed navigation software
    • Weak, as for me, 1100mAh battery
    • Camera (although, as mentioned above in budget options, it is rather weak for everyone)

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