TeeWorlds in a New Way

    Good day, Habralyudi!

    As you could read from the previous topic , official support for TeeWorlds was first discontinued, then partially resumed, under the auspices of the “hobby”.
    This somewhat saddened the fans of the game.

    The 300Murlocs.com project team could not help but support this dynamic game and decided to give it a new birth.

    How did it all start?

    We launched a completely standard TeeWorlds server.
    - There were disputes among the players who plays better.
    - We began to hold tournaments.

    Here and the idea came to us, to display detailed statistics and based on it to formulate the ratings of players. For this, it was necessary to implement authorization in the game.

    After updating the site, there were profiles of players with various information:
    • Main enemy
    • Beloved victim
    • How much time is spent in the game
    • A graph is also displayed that visually displays the dynamics of the glasses.

    In server statistics, no less interesting information is displayed:
    • Rating of the best server players
    • Preview of the current map
    • Weapon Statistics

    But we do not stop there!

    Our team undertook the development of a modification, the main feature of which is the RPG system.

    You initially choose the class that you will play:
    The first 3 classes are combinations of standard weapons with some modifications:
    • firing range
    • ammunition regeneration
    • rate of fire
    • number of lives and armor ratios

    Class Description

    Flamer (Flamethrower) A

    medium-range attack class, the starting weapon is a flamethrower, after the 10th level it receives a freezer, with each attack of which the enemy moves slower. High level of health, 55% armor absorption, extremely high level of ammunition recovery (equivalent to Channel). This class is unique.

    Starting weapon

    Additional weapon

    Sniper (Marines)

    Armed with a machine gun, after taking level 10 a laser appears, has a high rate of fire and ammunition recovery, armor absorbs 70% of incoming damage, and has an average amount of health.

    Starting weapons

    Additional weapons

    Oneshoter (Grenadier)

    It has great damage and a large radius of destruction, the main weapon is a shotgun, after taking the 10th level, a grenade launcher is added to it. Low health and 40% armor damage absorption, ammunition recovery is low.

    Starting weapon

    Additional weapon

    Hijacker (Warrior)

    The only melee class, the main weapon is a hammer, an ax appears after level 10. Weapon features: the hammer, upon a successful hit, throws the enemy back, the ax has a small AOE attack. The game has the most “tenacious class”, absorption of damage by armor 100%, a very high level of health, but at the same time it has an average level of attack.

    Starting weapon

    Additional weapon We

    sincerely hope that the Habralumi will appreciate this mod!

    Regards, 300Murlocs Team .

    UPD: In total, 5 servers have been launched, and by default only 2 will be displayed - with standard cards ...
    Disable “Standart maps” in the filter settings to get to the other servers. They are more interesting, but you have to wait until additional maps are loaded.

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