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    In a previous post, I talked about flute, bagpipe and tambourine. Today I want to answer the question "What about the harp?".

    It’s boring to talk about those harpies to which we are accustomed. I can only say that of the usual varganov the Altai comus is closer to me:

    It is most pleasant both to the touch and to the game. For sensitive teeth, this is the best option.

    Double Vietnamese Vargan (Dan mine)

    It is also interesting because it was made not by bending a thick metal wire, but machined from a piece of metal (usually brass):
    Double Vietnamese Vargan

    A bit heavy both in terms of weight and development. It’s difficult to change the harnesses quickly during the game, therefore I advise it only to those who have been harping for a long time.

    It sounds like this:

    Triple Chinese Vargan (Kou Xiang)

    A very unusual thing, even for my collection. The sound is almost electronic. The number of petals is usually 3 to 5:
    Triple Chinese Vargan

    Sounds good even if you just hold it in your fingers. A very dynamic and positive tool.

    Sound example:

    Bamboo Vargan (Gong Gong)

    This is a variant of the Indonesian Vargan. Large enough (about 25 cm) and with a characteristic “wooden” sound: I
    Bamboo Vargan (Gong Gong)

    must say, it is nice to hold it in your hands and in your teeth, unlike metal ones.


    There are, in fact, a lot of types of barrows. There are, for example, the harp with a double or triple tongue. At a time when the harp was still not so common, my friend made himself a monster harp. Huge (about 20 cm) with deep low sound. It was so good to play along with metal teams.

    Also popular now: