A site with a domain name in five minutes. Those who want to make a website on their own and for free

    We have been looking for professionals in Russia for a redesign of our website www.RusTalk.net for a long time . I talked with the simplest and cheapest freelance designers and the most expensive in our beloved country - with Artemy Lebedev's studio. Here are some interesting guys. The development of the site begins with a figure for which you can buy a one-room apartment in the suburbs or Porsche Caen or a small villa in Cuba. In general, gentlemen, I normally regard large numbers, but here it’s obviously too much. And I found a way to make the site free, at a good level, and using very simple methods.

    I needed to make a website for another business. As usual, I started by registering a domain. I usually register all domains at www.1and1.com. The service is excellent, one of the leaders in this industry, everything is simple and cheap. There are many additional options. When registering my domain, I was offered a number of additional services, and I noticed a service called MyBusiness site. In this service you are offered a 3 month subscription for free and then you have to pay 9.99 dollars per month. The service includes the following

    Choose your design from optimized layouts for over 125 types of businesses

    Easily change the design and content online - no programming skills required!

    Your website grows with you - Easily add marketing tools and keep content up-to-date

    Unlimited pages, web space, and traffic

    FREE domain name and E-mail addresses included

    No hidden fees!

    I signed up for this offer. Quickly registered a domain name and moved on to the site development part. I just wanted to see, because I thought that it would take me more than one day. And the technical aspects of the project are usually carried out by assistants. I started watching the site development service. I was asked to choose the business sector in which I will do my project. After the selection, I was offered several different options for the “fish” of the site, I selected one option, clicked the “ok” button, and then an almost finished site appeared in front of me, with the typed content, with the contacts that I asked, with a page where we can write a letter. Then I, using the built-in CMS system, for the uninitiated - this system of managing various records and images on your site, edited some places. Everything, in a first approximation, the site was ready. 1and1.com also offers a website optimization service to host its search engines, but I left this part for later. I wanted to do it after reading Ivan Sevastyanov’s book Search Engine Optimization. My goal has been achieved. After one hour of sitting at the computer, I got a working sitewww.acteonservice.com , a working email address for contacts, and all this has cost me so far for free. I have one month to evaluate this service and if you do not like it, refuse to use it in the future. I want to tell the respected site builders who poorly make and cheap sites in the Russian Federation: your time is coming to an end. Soon the first grader will make the site itself in the lesson on labor education.
    Gentlemen, if you know such services, please write. I think this will be useful information for many people. The only question that has remained open for me: how to put on our website our system for online counseling www.RusTalk.net? You need to embed a couple of lines into the page, but here you need to get inside the site. But now I’ll call my admin, and he will do it in five minutes.

    Stay tuned at www.twitter.com/rustalk

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