Interview with the head of the social media department at Grape, Mikhail Geisherik

    Friends, my friend writes podcasts as part of his activities at Social Media Club Moscow on various social media topics, in particular about social media marketing. This is the fifth podcast, he is still learning to record podcasts, so I will be grateful for the constructive criticism.

    Mikhail Geisherik shares his experience on how brands need to work with social media.
    In the program:
    - New technologies of digital and social. media.
    - Is it possible to use social. media to reach.
    - The problem of working with social services. media for big brands.
    - Emerging competition among social monitoring systems. media.
    - Why there are no new breakthrough social services and where to wait for them?
    - HR-situation in the market.

    Duration: ~ 69 minutes

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    PS: Litter for the sound of the phone in the background, I already managed to scold myself for it =)
    PPS: A podcast comes out on Saturday morning, once a week, can be found at
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