The coaching business, as it is: we look from the inside (video)

    After the first two videos about the career plateau and how to take off from it , comrade Orlov ( eagleson ) decided to look inside the device of the coaching airplane and tell a little about what the coaching business is like, how to try it and what you need to do it. The video was simple and understandable, in the format “Coaching in 30 minutes” or “Coaching business as it is.”

    In this video:
    • Which world leading experts have never been the best experts
    • What are the similarities between trainer, manager and psychologist
    • What are the components of a successful manager’s career?
    • What includes the methodology and marketing of the training business
    • How long does it take to build and take off an airplane that takes a specialist to successful trainers

    Caution: the video may contain new ideas :)

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