Chrome owns 7.5% of the browser market

    imageI remember that for a fairly long time after launch, the Google Chrome browser occupied something about a percent of the browser market. And this went on for quite some time, analysts even predicted an early death for the browser, which was popular only among geeks and fans of the products of the "good corporation." But now, Google launched a large-scale advertising campaign of its browser for different countries (I somehow saw a Japanese one - I liked it), and not only geeks, developers and fans of Google began to pay attention to Chrome. Gradually, the popularity curve of this browser went up.

    It is clear that the higher the curve led, the more rapidly the popularity began to grow. So, the latest data shown by the well-known analytical company Net Applications, which is engaged in researching various network products, the share of Chrome in the browser market has reached 7.5%. This is really a significant achievement - after all, the browser market is very vast, and it is very difficult to deal with such "whales" as the notorious IE, Mozilla Firefox or the same Opera with Safari. But there are other, less well-known, but more or less successful solutions that are also competitors for Chrome.

    Nevertheless, this browser continued to slowly grow in popularity, and now it is constantly growing, but other browsers are doing worse - their market shares are gradually decreasing, albeit little by little.

    Interestingly, Microsoft Internet Explorer with its 60.4% is still in the first place (although until recently, I remember, it was a little over 70%). In July, the share of this browser was 60.7%. The Mozilla Firefox browser does not move forward or backward, remaining at its 22.9%. As for Safari, it was able to increase 0.1%, gaining 5.1% of the total browser market share. Statistics for Opera for some reason is not given, which is rather strange.

    Well, our hero, Google Chrome, was able to increase 0.3%, rising to the above mark from 7.2% last month. It is worth noting that the popularity growth of this browser may be partially due to constant updates regularly released by the developers of the Google Chrome team. The developers, by the way, promise to speed up the process of releasing new versions of the program.

    In part, they have already fulfilled their promise by releasing a beta version of the Chrome 6 browser in August, significantly adding functionality and adding a number of purely cosmetic additions. They also promise to release the long-announced Chrome OS for laptops and netbooks. As for the latter, I want to test it already ...

    In general, well done developers, to be sure.

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