CSS macros for NetBeans

    Information on Zen Coding was published several times on the hub ; it can be connected to many code editors in order to speed up the layout of HTML and CSS code. One of these editors is NetBeans , which, however, does not work with ZEN CSS.

    Not wanting to put up with this state of affairs, I, as in the case of Notepad ++ , wrote macros for the most frequently used records in order to save precious seconds (and laziness to be honest, to write the whole properties).


    Alt + C bb TAB - border-bottom: 1px solid # FFF *;
    Alt + C p TAB - position: relative *; top: 0; left: 0;
    Alt + C fw TAB - font-weight: 900 *;
    Alt + C tb TAB - text-decorarion: underline *;
    Alt + C bg TAB - background: #FFF url (../ images / bg.png) repeat-x 0 0;
    * - crossed out symbols are shown that will be highlighted for change.

    Perhaps, looking at such a combination, it seems that it is cumbersome, but personally, I quickly mastered it. Perhaps someone will have suggestions for improving combinations.

    In total, 18 combinations are currently written, most likely something else will be added, suggest options.
    Quickly built a simple cheat sheet:
    css macros for netbeans

    So, if you think that such macros will be useful in everyday work - download org-netbeans-modules-editor-settings-custommacros.xml .
    This file must be uploaded to c:\Users\habrauser\.netbeans\6.9\config\Editors\Macros\(if you already have your own macros - be careful when copying, overwriting).

    Even in NetBeans, there is such a cool thing as code templates that are superior to macros in convenience, they work great in PHP, and I was not able to master them in CSS :(

    I will be grateful for useful tips and additions to the above. As ideas (my own or strangers) the macro will be updated.

    PS: In macros there is still a quick input of font sets such as a Verdana, Geneva, sans-serifcombinationAlt + C font v TAB . Do you need them?

    PSS: A big request to the Habrovsk people not to describe the advantages of their favorite editor% editor% over NetBeans, the post is not about that.

    UPD: After 4 months, he stayed with Netbeans and expanded the set of macros.
    New macros can be downloaded and copied .xml to c: \ Users \ your_name \ .netbeans \ 6.9 \ config \ Editors \ Macros \
    I also made a demo video video:

    Also popular now: