Ruby 1.9.2 released

    The next, long-awaited version of the Ruby interpreter for version 1.9.2 has been released

    About 1.9.2 points

    Ruby 1.9.2 is mostly compatible with 1.9.1, with the following changes:
    • Many new methods
    • New Socket API (with IPv6 Support)
    • Support for more string encodings
    • Random class that supports various random number generators
    • Reworked Time class. Now the problem of 2038 is not a problem.
    • Some regexp regex improvements
    • $: no longer contains the current directory.
    • dl redesigned as an add-on for libffi.
    • New psych library, a wrapper for libyaml. You can use it instead of syck

    Good news

    Ruby 1.9.2 tested at 99% RubySpec

    Supported Platforms

    100% Supported Platforms
    • Debian GNU / Linux 5.0 on IA32.
    Best support
    • Ruby 1.9.2 works mostly well on these platforms.
    • mswin32, x64-mswin64, mingw32
    • MacOS X 10.5 (Intel) and 10.6
    • FreeBSD 6 and later (amd64, IA32)
    • Solaris 10
    • Symbian OS
    Possible support
    • Other Linux distributions
    • Other versions of MacOS X.
    • cygwin
    • AIX 5
    • Other POSIX compatible systems
    • BeOS (Haiku)
    Not supported
    • Any other system


    $: no longer contains the current directory, so some scripts need to be fixed to work correctly. In any case, your application should depend as little as possible on the current directory.

    Download New Ruby

    • In tar.bz2
      MD5: d8a02cadf57d2571cd4250e248ea7e4b
      SHA256: e9710990ed8c2e794123aba509010471915fb13c27dae0118831d2001a9c8d3b
    • at tar.gz
      MD5: 755aba44607c580fddc25e7c89260460
      SHA256: 8c0c4e261a921b5c406bf9e76ac23bf3c915651534e9d1b9e8c5d0bee4a7285c
    • In zip
      MD5: e57a393ccd62ddece4c63bd549d8cf7f
      SHA256: e61521af06da71fde9f0c7c08baaf7415614d00c86ec5a7ab08b60a4f3185b2a

    More information

    1. news
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    Official announcement

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